A girl rejected me saying I was only a friend to her but fights with me when I talk to other girls, why?

I know a girl for 6-7 months now, we became best friends.
I told her I love her but she said that she only likes me as her friend and that won't change.
But when I chat/talk with another girl, she would get angry or even fight with me. This happened twice this month.
Why is that so?
I'm confused


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  • sounds like she is confused too and wants you exclusively but not as her boyfriend so very mixed signals


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  • Honestly, if she only wanta to be friends i would say you need to have some self respect and leave her. Like cut her out of your life. Dont let her hold you back. from dating other people.

  • She may have had a change of heart and now likes you, I would talk to her about it.

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