Opinions On Dating an Ace?

I am an asexual girl and I was wondering how much that would matter to any potential significant other. I am not aromantic, and I absolutely love cuddles! However I have never felt (nor do I believe I will feel) sexual attraction. I think that because this could be problematic, I should bring it up immediately to avoid bigger heartbreak. A male friend of mine, (my best friend to be exact,) who is a bit close-minded, told me I shouldn't bring it up at first. Any opinions on this? Thank you much in advance.


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  • I would also say that it is important to make sure those you get into relationships with know where you stand.

    By the way, you are selling yourself short by not believing that you will ever feel sexual attraction to someone. You have a long time to figure that out.

    • You're absolutely correct about that last part, I know I'm fairly young and I actually used to identify as demisexual before I had this crazy epiphany that I have literally never once felt sexual attraction. I'm very open to the possibility that I could be a late blooming grey-a or demi, but I wouldn't want to get any potential lovers hopes up, lmao

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