Falling for a best friend?

I feel like my best friend and I could be falling for each other but I'm so confused latly. We are very flirty with each other and always turning normal conversations into sexual jokes. We work right next to each other everyday and go to the gym and hang out on the weekends so we spend a lot of time together.

She's currently ending a relationship and I have never been in a relationship. There's been times where the moment felt right but I have respect for relationships so I wouldn't go there. I'm also terrified to lose her as a best friend because she is the only person I can talk to in my current city, so I feel like I shouldn't push for anything more in the fear I'll lose her. It would also make work feel weird if it ended up failing because we still have to work together and it's a good job so I would hate for it to force either of us to leave because of it.

I'm pretty chill guy but still like to have fun. She's a more adventurous and into a few things that I don't care about. Even though I don't care for a few things it don't really bother me but its still considered. She's 29 years old I'm 23. She still wants to feel young but she's still mature and I tend to be attracted to someone who isn't partying every weekend and is working towards their future.

This has been going on for a while and I'm just confused if I should let it go or go after her. I feel like we could make it work but I also feel like it's such a big risk.
To make this a little more complicated, we have been talking seriously about renting a 2 bedroom apartment together as "best friends" to split rent and ulities so both of us can save up some money. We both would be looking to buy separate houses in a few years so we are looking to save. we are both going about this very mature and talked about just everything that could happen other than each other, because once your feelings are said I believe it changes everything and you can't go back to bff


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  • The worst thing in your life would be for you to find yourself alone 10 years from now, wondering what would have happened if you had pursued the relationship with that girl you worked with.

  • I would say wait a little longer and see how the flirting goes, I know a girl and her best friend who is a guy attempted to confess his feeling but got shot down mid sentence she wasn't having none of it. A little bit longer mate


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