What race of guy/s do most women of all races automatically think is going to improve their lot in life by dating them and them only?

Just a simple question. Weigh in!!


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  • It's really not about race. It's about the lifestyle. I don't think you'll get many answers for this. Maybe if u re word it...

    • re word it like how? People can't handle this question?

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    • If its not offensive then they should have no problem answering

    • I didn't say the question was... Nvm...

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  • You just some white dude who wants to boost his ego.

    • No I'm not. I'm just wondering.

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    • No he didn't. He got all defensive and shit. Don't accuse unless you can prove otherwise.

    • Well regardless you have your answer. Make of it what you will.

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  • Here I'll give you what you want so everyone can move on. All women of all races fot all time only ever want white men ever, no matter what, no exceptions.

    Of course that's not true, but that's what you want to hear and to stir up the racial pot.


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