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OK he's a senior and I'm a freshman and people say he always goes after freshmen. so I'm friends with his friends and have talked to him a couple times but yesterday he started talking to me on Facebook and gave his number and told me to text him and he said I was someone he would date and asked me to got to the movies with him. one I don't want to go with just him I want other people to go with us but I don't know how to say that and he pretty much won't stop texting me and I don't know how to give I'm the hint that he doesn't have to talk to me all the time but I don't want to be mean because I kind of like him.


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  • you can say that you might be busy with family or some other work.

    So that he can understand the reason and meanwhile chat little so that you can get time to understand him.


  • First of all, Tell him that you like him then you can tell him whatever you want. Say that you need some space so if he could text you only when necessary, and ask him if you can invite your friends to hand out with you.


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