Would you text back a girl who text you after she rejected you?

A couple of months ago I went on a date with a guy who I vaguely knew and we really hit it off. We had loads in common and talked non stop for 4 hours. About halfway through the date I realised I wouldn't meet up with this guy again, here's why:

Around the time I had been suffering with severe stress, and I was realising during the date that a relationship would just make my stress levels worse. I was on a dating website when I started chatting with the guy, but I didn't think a relationship would cause me more stress until the possibility got a bit more real.

So a few days later I text him saying that I couldn't see it being anymore than friends and I wouldn't want to lead him on, but thank you for a nice time.

However, ever since then I keep thinking about him, and I know he still thinks about me because I can see that he's viewed my profile on the dating website!

I really really regret rejecting him, although when I think back I do remember how stressed I was at the time :/ But anyway I text him a few days ago just saying hi :) how are you? and still haven't gotten a reply yet!

Do you think he will text back? Is he just playing it cool or have I totally blown my chance? Should I text him again? I don't want to appear desperate but I sort of feel like I am :/


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  • you should probably tell him, why you rejected him. He is probably thinking "This girl again.." and not reply back.

    • thank you! But how do I tell him? It's a lot to say over a text message especially when I haven't spoken to him in about 2 months...

      I was sort of hoping to get a conversation started first before I explain myself :/

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    • I did text him! That's what I meant when I said I messaged him on Thursday saying 'hi how are you?' Sorry I should have made that cleaerer in my post.

      I feel like it would be quite weird to phone him?

      I don't know, do you think I should text him with a longer explanation if he hasn't replied in a few days?

      Also thanks for all your help!! :)

    • wait til mid day Monday then tell him.

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