He asked me if I was busy, then made an excuse when I agreed to meet with him?

I've been kinda seeing this guy who I met recently, we've been on a couple of dates and we have so much in common that it is in no way awkward when we meet. We spend the entire time that we are together talking, and there are never any uncomfortable silences. When we are not together he messages me quite often, and he's always the one to initiate the conversations (I have initiated some too, but most of the time he is the one contacting me). Anyway, last week he asked me on more than one occasion if I was busy. I don't think he was looking to arrange meeting up another time, I got the impression he wanted to see me that day/time since he was free and was most likely looking to do something.

Well, both times he asked I did so happen to be busy and so I had to turn down his offer. However when I did this I would suggest another time when I was free. He asks me again days later if I was busy, to which I said I would be free in a couple of hours or so. The next thing I know he's telling me he will get back to me, without a reason? We carried on texting for a while about nothing in particular and then he stops replying completely. Well I waited, and waited... and he didn't get back to me? I don't understand.. I mean does he expect me to just be free when he is, or did I give him the impression that I wasn't interested in seeing him again? I am still left wondering about how he actually feels about me, whether he just sees me as a friend or if he's playing games, or maybe I'm the one overthinking things and he just so happened to be busy too? Opinions?


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  • I think you need to ask him where he sees the relationship now and where he wants it to go

    • Yeah I guess I need to ask him soon, what do you think about the way he acted when I agreed to meet him?

    • Giving him the benefit of doubt he might've remembered something he had to do that he'd forgotten

    • Yeah he might just have! Thanks for your help :)

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  • you should resolve that with him... He either had something going on and couldn't get back to you on time or he's just one confused poor communicator to say the least.


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  • It could be anything. Guys have a habit of not planning and acting in the moment. Next time you're messaging and you are free then ask him if he wants to meet up.

    He may also be confused or worried about the relationship. "Kinda seeing someone" is very vague and maybe he doesn't know what the right reaction is and is therefore worried about looking too forward etc... talk to him be honest with him and define your relationship. If he is a good guy he'll understand.


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