Does it mean something when a guy lets u be intimate without a rubber?

I went off the pill in 99 and after my divorce I always used condones even in committed relationships one off which was for 5 years!!! But lately this guy I met I just feel like I want to be as close as possible. And I asked if we could do it without a rubber for a while. And he said it was ok. And it felt so amazing like I was in heaven and I sort if rubbed away tears because of the awesomeness. To me it was a huge deal. I hadn't had sex for two years. And we always have the most beautiful experience together. Does it mean anything to him obviously not like it did to me. That he would trust me or even want that too.
I am just a hopeless romantic


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  • Not to be negative, but practical - it might mean he does not care if you were to get pregnant, or, if you did, he would leave it up to you to deal with. Are you thinking he trusted you not to have any kind of STD? In the heat of sex, most guys do not worry about that, which is kind of dangerous. As far as the "bareback" thing - most guys would not turn down "making love without the glove" because it does feel so much better than in a rubber. Personally, I was always worried about the pregnancy thing but I admit there were times I took those chances. Maybe you should go back on the pill?

    • I know we shared that we are clean. It is umportant to both of us. We had a rubber break and I took the morning after pill. He is sensitive to me being a single mom through adoption. That I don't want to get pregnant irresponsibly. He was raised with his twin sister by a single mom. He cares about women, I imagine he trusts that I won't try to get pregnant to put him in a bind and I am clean and at my age I have no plans to want to be pregnant. It would not be safe. And I feel like he wants to feel closer to me also. I got contraception. And he seems glad. And it felt beautiful I felt closer I just want to be as close as possible to him!

    • ok. That information did not seem to be in your original post. IF you tell a guy you are on some kind of contraception, and have unprotected sex, than he is trusting that you are honest and clean. I hope that answers your question; however, I will tell you something you already know - there are no contraceptive methods that are 100% effective.

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  • Not necessarily because no guy likes wearing them

  • Not particularly. No guy likes condoms in the first place so they are happy to get the full experience, but it doesn't mean necessarily that he likes you more because of it.


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