Not sure if I wanna be his friend or a bit more?

Okay so i met this guy on a dating website, let's call him Jayden. We mesage back and forth, find out we have a bunch in common and soon i give him my number. I really can't say i like him, if anything i think i just wanna use him for sex.

Though he recently told me he has an open relationship, which is kinda weird for me because i just feel its disrespectful to his girlfriend. So I'm debating if i should just stop talking to him or not.

I want to continue because he's pretty fun but he expresses that he likes me, i think its more like he wants to bed me and now I'm a bit confused. He should of told me way before he was in a form of a relationship. Drop him completely or keep him as a friend?
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  • I detect a hint of hypocrisy here. Here you are considering just USING him for sex and yet you get put off by the idea that he has a girlfriend who is open minded enough to be in an open relationship? How is he the only one you brought up being somehow disrespectful and not the girlfriend? I just don't get how he is the problem in any way whatsoever.

    • I see your point but as soon as girlfriend came up it was like, doing anything with him isn't right but I'm not sure its okay to just be his friend knowing that he has an interest in me.

  • Keep him as a friend.


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