Girls, We text all day everyday except when she's gone but we still send a text or two?

We've been talking for over a month now. We met online and we continued talking bout on there for a while. Then I got her number and asked her out. The date went perfect and we kissed eachother lightly on the lips and then she even texted me 20 minutes later thanking me for the nice evening! We planned another date but she's been super busy and I was putting pressure and going too fast. So we still haven't gone out again and it's been 4 weeks but we text all the time even when she's gone to family gatherings she still sends a message or two and there's never been a message she hasn't replied to at least at some point. She offered me advice on things for myself, she asks me questions, she voices concern with things going on with me, we can literally talk about everything. I'm just scared because I pressured her and she backed away for a few days but now that I have her space she's back and better than before but we still haven't gone on date number 2. She's likes everything on my Facebook, inuding relationship quotes and stuff like that plus we are in constant contact and she shows general interest in my life. Is she interested abd just a little cautious or is she not interested? We've had conversations about how we would raise kids, convos about childhood memories, family ode, activities we both like doing and stuff like that. She's not reall overt so there's no direct flirting but I like this. Are all these good signs?
I forgot to mention that she's extremely busy this month and I knew that before we even hung out the first time


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  • I would say so. If she's still engaging in conversation with you and liking your posts, I think she is interested. It does sound like here's some reason as to why it's been 4 weeks since you've seen each other though.

    I know when I met people online, I'd like them but I didn't want my family to judge me so I just never met up with them. Obviously that's not the case this time but it's just an example of how you never know what's going on in someone's life.


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  • Those are good signs.

  • I don't know. Honestly it doesn't sound like more then friendship


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