Should I tell him about my past or hold off?

Acne was a huge struggle in my past. I want to tell the guy I like about this so he understands why I am the way I am now. Guys what would you think?

He wants to know why I am so shy and guarded.

Number one thing you should know is that yes I have had a shy personality since I was a child. basically for years in my early 20's I had severe acne. It was all over my back, chest, neck, and face. I tried over 10 different prescription oral and topical treatment that all failed. During this time, I went into complete isolation. I stayed at home all day. If I needed to eat, I ordered in or went grocery shopping at night. If someone asked to hang out, it turn them down. I would wash my face in the dark because I didn't want to see myself. I have no pictures of myself from those years. Until I went on Accutane, which is the last resort for acne as it's very harsh. It cleared me up.

If I say this will he laugh or think I'm being too serious about it? I feel like since I'm so guarded he's thinking wow something terrible must have happened to her and this might seem like nothing like oh some skin problem. but really it was a psychological problem.


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What Guys Said 1

  • i dont see a problem , its not a big deal its very understandable , he should be ok with it :)

    • Would he laugh at first? I feel like hearing "so.. I had severe acne" would make him think oh that's it

    • choose ur words carefully, you say something like, "... I'm really shy because i had really bad acne as a kid , and it made me feel..." stuff like that but dont be blunt,, what do u mean by severe? would really bad describe it to?

What Girls Said 1

  • I think you should tell him. Take your time, and feel comfortable when you do it.

    It's your past and you shouldn't be ashamed of it. You had acne, and it got to you mentally and thats normal. If he judges you for that, or thinks its abnormal, then it's his problem and you're better off without him anyway.

    Hope I could help. :)


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