A girl jokingly asked for a compliment after she gave me one then told me not to fish for compliments?

I met this girl on a dating website, she gave me a bunch of compliments but they were all kind of specific and it wasn't exactly something I could return the favor on. I thanked her and she jokingly said "what about my compliments?" I complimented her on a few things, and then she told me that I shouldn't fish for compliments.

Was this basically a lose-lose situation? If I don't compliment her, then her "joke" becomes serious. And then if I do compliment her it doesn't seem sincere? I really don't like it when this happens...
Just as an fyi, we just started talking about a couple days ago. she was kind of joking when she said "don't fish for compliments", she seemed cool with it but it was mainly just embarrassing because it seemed like a damned if you do, damned if you don't sort of situation. Because at this point it is largely just based on looks so I don't know her all that well.


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  • You have to attempt to get to know her much better first. Ask her questions, spend more time with her, etc. Then you'll find things that you love about her, not just little things like "you look pretty", or "you're nice". Some girls don't like that because thats what they get told all the time. Once you find somthing about her that you fall in love with or just really like, you have to present it in a sincere way, something romantic and sweet. I don't know how far u guys are in on this relationship but if you are comitted, you'll know it.


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  • she mightve been joking on the dont fish for compliments part


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