GUYS, do you find that women over think everythign you say to them?

the only reason i am asking is because i feel like im doing just that right now with this guy. he said "Yeah I guess I'm not too sure what I want right now, I'm just interested and would like to get to know you more. Not sure if that's a good enough reason" and he also said "I really don't think online communication is even close to the same thing. I don't know because we saw each other a few times briefly but I would like to see you when I get home"

how should i interpret this?


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  • Well the good news is that he wants to see you. But play a little hard to get. Be like oh yeah I'd like to see you too I'm a little busy doing... This... But I have some free time coming up and maybe we can do something. But it sounds like he is defiantly interested just wants to know what he might be getting himself into

    • and yet, he's leaving two weeks later. its a long story how it came to this

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  • It means he's also dating other girls at the same time


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  • YES! Usually men say exactly what they mean and I honestly get irritated when it is misinterpreted as something else.

  • totally. they totally do... .


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