Still stuck on my first love?

Its been months. she's probably well moved on by now, and im still stuck on her. she's done nothing but bad to me, and the guy she's with. But im still so in love with her and i dont know why. It feels pathetic knowing i would still give her my life, knowing how bad she was to me. She cheated on the guy she's with multiple times with me, and she's also cheated on me with him. But its been a long time, and they are still together. I've been with multiple women after her, but she is always the one that i want. Why is this? I still dream about her, and not a day goes by that i dont think and wonder what she's up to. When will this end? I keep busy, but it always comes back.


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  • Hey I know excactly how you feel man! It's almost like they could do a lot of bad things and people say they aren't a good person but you just don't want to believe the truth. It took me over a year to get over this chick I knew wasn't good for me or a good person. Honestly your best friend and worst enemy is time. In time you will get over her, but until then it seems like forever.

  • These tips were largely stolen from Dr. Laura Schlesinger:

    Be patient
    You're not going to feel better overnight.

    Work through your self-doubt
    One of the reasons you blame yourself is because if you blame yourself, you think you have the power to fix the relationship.

    Find the silver lining
    Now you're available to get healthy and be with somebody healthy. Your whole life is not going to be off track anymore.

    Remove all reminders
    Delete and block cell phone numbers and emails. Get rid of all the memorabilia. Remove them from social media. Use one big eraser so you can get on with your life.

    Fill your time
    If you don't fill your time and distract yourself, you're just going to sit there and ferment about everything. You may even go back because they tell you things will be different.

    Get social
    Socializing doesn't necessarily mean you start dating right away. You shouldn't date while your head is still screwed up. Just become social again. Join a team or club.

    Get physical
    It's amazing how physical activity helps with stress. It burns off nervous energy, anxiety, and negative emotions, releases endorphins, and gives you a sense of power and well-being.

    Have a support system
    Your ex may try to play games with your head. That's why it's important to have a support system which helps you recognize it and not get caught up in it.


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