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Hello, so basically I have been involved sexually with an a guy for many months. (Yes I kept track.) It's been okay, I have liked this guy for a long while now, and we just had our official first date. We have gone to many other places, but I'm counting this one. Yeah, it's kind of backwards, but who can judge. Okay, durring we cuddled while both slightly falling asleep. While this happened we kissed lightly, caressed eacother, held onto eachother, and looked into eachothers eyes smiling. I felt so complete. Firstly, I feel like we like eachother, but both can't seem to come out to say it, and I think he, and I need to talk about this. Secondly, this is the longest I dealt with a guy, and so im not too good with talking about feelings. Also, I've never gotten this intimate with anyone. I want/would like to make this more official, but how? Also do guys get intimate with girls that they like? Im curious, because intimacy, and sex are two differing things.


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  • You need to talk about it!


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