The guy I've started dating doesn't have a cellphone. It kind of bothers me?

I went on three dates with this guy, but he doesn't have a cellphone. I know it sounds stupid but I don't know why it bothers me. Actually I like that he doesn't want to follow all of society's trends but I would love for him to text me once in a while. Am I being shallow? I'm not going to stop seeing him because of that, of course, and I even think that it can be great also cause I don't have to worry about him texting other girls haha but, still. I want him to text me!! LOL


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  • I don't have a cell phone and probably never will. TBH I really despise how society has become so attached to that electronic leash. I wish the entire technology had never been invented (which is weird because I actually had a hand in inventing it).

    I don't understand texting. It doesn't even make any sense. That's the old way, like from the 1800s. Then a new technology came along and completely replaced texting. You could call someone directly and actually talk with voice, in real time. Who the heck would want to text when you could speak with voice? I think people today don't even realize that all the text abbreviations and acronyms are over 100 years old. That's really old stuff.

    When I see people walking around staring at their phone, it just makes them look like idiots. Seriously, they look really retarded doing that. I just want to slap them and tell them to get their shit together.

    "Am I being shallow?

    Yes, very. Throw away that leash and learn to be free and independent. You are not free as long as you are tied to that machine.

    • Well i started dating him and the fact that he doesn't have a cellphone has brought us some trouble already. He can contact me whenever he wants, cause he can call me, but i can't. I told him how unfair it was, he said he knew it was unfair. A jerk. I asked him why he doesn't have a cellphone, he said he doesn't need one. I told him that that's not true since the fact that i have cellphone has been of use to him. He said that with one cellphone is enough. I told him he should pay for half of my cellphone bill then. He said nothing.

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  • Honesty this just shows how attached this technology has made us. Think about how our grandparents communicated... You call them. Don't have a landline? Send them letters and plan to meet them.

    • I know :(
      But times have changed and we're used to communicating in a certain way. It's sort of like if I asked you not to use electricity because people didn't have that 200 years ago.

    • Yeah I know :/ does he have a computer you could like Skype or something. Does he have Facebook. Honestly texting is meant for making plans not having full on conversations cause that can be a turn off for people. I'd much rather talk to them in person. Although it is nice to text when you start to miss em

  • Get him a walkie talkie or something lol

  • text through Skype from his computer


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  • i wouldn't find it okay as well tbh, no texts.. that's absolutely not possible to keep up with for me!


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