Analyze:is my gay friend jealous?

Ok so there's this guy I like ("Greg") and his twin ("Sam") he told someone on his media page before that he liked someone that fit my description but I didn't think mush of it. Then my idiot band teacher told his twin Sam that I liked Sam even though I don't and I avoided greg but I caught him staring at me for really long periods of time (he Had a very skeptical type look on his face) then I got to talk to him for a whole hour once and we talked about anything and everything (running, dirt bikes, his family, made fun of his brother, etc.) greg also told how many push-ups he could do and showed me a video of him winning a race 😐. his brother Sam called his name outloud once when I walked into the library and brought attention to me. but my gay best friend is a dude who is on the same track team with greg and he sees a lot of what Greg does. My gay friend told me Greg was against gays (he knows I'm a huge gay rights activist) and he told me Greg talked a lot about his dates win other girls but that he does the toon names or describe his dates (my gay friend likes him too and he knows I like him) so I don't know if my friend is making this up to make me mad or not possibly?


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  • He is probibly just saying this so u with leave him and this is a bad thing for a best friend to do best thing to do is separate from your friend a little so u can get closer he wants u and he sees this so he will tell u anything to destroy your feelings for him don't listen


What Girls Said 1

  • He's making it up.


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