Can this situation be fixed?

Me and this guy have been talking for a while. We carry on like boyfriend and girlfriend but never actually said it out. We are always texting, calling each other and almost every night we Skype. He always wanted to send pics and I told him I'm not comfortable wit it being over the internet. But he would still insist on it. I have sent it before and so did he but I told him I'm not doing it again. So one day he sent his pic and then asked me to send mine. I told him no and he kept begging so I never replied back. Now it has been almkst 3 weeks since we talked. I'm kind of close with his family and we see each other all the time. I really love him but it doesn't like like either one of us wants to break the silence. This doesn't make since to stop communicating because oof that little disagreement. Please help. What should I do?


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  • One of you will have to lower their pride if you want to fix this. One will have to approach the other.

  • I don't think it can be fixed.


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