Im a freshman & have a thing with a junior.. Help?

So I'm gonna be a freshman this coming fall. This summer I've started talking to the sweetest, most caring junior. I guess you could say we've had a thing now for about a coupe months now. I'm not 100% sure he likes me but I get a strong vibe that his does. He's not the type to lead you on or would be hitting on me to take advantage of a freshman. He actually truly enjoys talking to me and makes time for me in his day. He's wanted to hangout and I would love to also, except I'm worried about my parents.. I wouldn't label them as the strict type but not sure how they would feel about me dating a junior. I'm sure once they get to know them it would be fine. He can drive and I'm sure that at first they wouldn't want me driving with him until they know that he's a responsible and safe driver, which from what I hear he's a great driver. He asked me to hangout but I don't know how to talk to my family or mom about him. They're totally cool with they're "baby" (since I'm the youngest in the family) hanging out with guys, I was dating this guy (in my grade) for over a year and they were totally cool about inviting him over and Us Hanging out. I'm just not sure how they will feel that this boy is 2 years older then me. I'm looking for advice on how to talk to my mom or sister about it or what to do about liking s junior in general. I'm totally open to anything I just get kinda awkward talking to my family about boys since , I am the youngest and it's hard for them to face the fact that I'm s high schooler now, and for them to not tease me about boys,. Please help! Any advice will be much appreciated!! (: thanks you! (:


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  • He's two years older. That's nothing!

    • I would say the same usually! Ahah but I'm just concerned because I'm still in highschool so it might be different! Lol

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