Who should text after first sex?

So I met this girl about 3 weeks ago, we have been infrequently texting, when I go places that I think would be fun, I invite her. She had never actually came until Friday. We danced all night, and then she came home and we had some pretty good sex, I made sure she came with oral. I am interested in having sex with her again. Should I wait for her to text or text her. It has been about 36 hours since she left my place.


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  • If you're interested in seeing her again just text her. Why wait?
    Also, many girls don't text first after first sex because they're afraid of sounding desperate.

    • Waiting has a very powerful effect on women. I usually don't do it on purpose, but I have noticed the longer you wait the more excited she gets. On this specific case I am hesitant because I don't want her to think that I was just looking for the one night stand

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    • Yeah my sister got offended after two days. If the guy texts her now she will probably kick his ass.

    • Thanks for MHO.

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  • If you wanna text her then text her dude haha this isn't supposed to be a "she's a girl, she has to text me first" thing. Let her know how you feel

    • I want her to text me. But I suppose she did just have sex with me so maybe I should throw her a rope...

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  • Who cares? If you're thinking about her (which you obviously are) then text her.

  • Why does it matter? I've never seen a generation so afraid to communicate

    • Your kinda lost on this one. It's a power thing bro, I need her to keep the perception that she is the one lucky to be with me so I get her into my rotation.

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    • Dating has changed a lot, you had it easy back then. Texting throws a serious curve ball into the whole equation.

    • You use it by choice. You don't have to

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