This is one of the main reasons (but not the only reason) why a lot of women aren't looking to get into a relationship nowadays.. Agree?

I have been surfing a lot of dating sites and I have noticed a lot of women aren't looking for anything serious which to me in my own opinion, means that the kind of guy they are attracted to is usually a player, ladies man , etc. Some of these guys are so in demand because most women are attracted to the same guys which is a very very small percentage (about 15% at the max) of the male population. So a lot of women will be fine with a friends with benefits or a "Let's just have fun nothing serious" relationship because they know that its going to be hard for a guy that's in high demand to be committed to 1 woman, and really why should they? Its not a guy's fault that he's what the majority of women find attractive and since there's only a small percentage of men that women find attractive, there's little to almost no competiton for these guys, so why would a guy in this very small percentage group be motivated to be faithful? Sure guys who take advantage of this might be unsavory, but most women don't have a broader spectrum of what they find attractiveand since that's the case, a lot of men will be players and take advantage.
I guess no women wanted to weigh in... lol shots fired!!


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  • i think, most girls prefer to look at relationship in reality, not much considered online dating for a relationship

    • Online dating is reality. A lot of people use it

    • a lot of people not being real there
      so, not real enough for me

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  • I agree with 99.9 percent of what you have to say. The thing I live by is if a girl is going to date a player or jerk then don't come complaining to me when you heart gets broken. I am not interested as it is the girls fault for dating the player to begin with so don't start up sexist BS about "all men being pigs" etc when most of you treat good men like shit and don't even give them a chance.

    • No doubt about that.

    • Yup if a girl is going to date a jerk it is her fault when her heart gets broken.

    • Yes and then they ask why so many guys give up on marriage, well why do they think. The way these girls have constantly make the good men give up.

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  • I read somewhere that the majority of women on dating sites are looking for relationships while the majority of men are looking for hookups. The majority of women flock to the small amount of guys wanting actual relationships and the majority of guys flock to the small amount of girls who want hookups.


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  • Agree. I've been thinking this also. It's the 80/20 rule. 80% of the women like 20% of the men.

    • Yep just being honest.

  • I agree and I'm noticing the same thing, seems like a lot of women are looking for this and it will be a small percentage of men like that unless they aren't so focused on looks

  • I'd say that's definitely a contributing factor.


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