Girls, My friends don't like the girl I started seeing... Should she know?

So me my best friend his girlfriend and someone else are going out this weekend, I want to invite the girl I started seeing, cuz it seems like something she'd really enjoy
but my bestfriend and his girlfriend don't like her.
my best friend cuz he thinks she's loud.
his girlfriend, has some reasons she thinks the girl will end up hurting me, and says she's too flirty and stuff...
anyway... Considering the two of them are my closest friends... I can't just avoid them being around her forever...
I definitely don't want to tell her exactly what they said... But I feel she should know something for when they start acting bitchy...
and honestly I might slip and say something at some point so is there a good way to tell her something about this?


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  • First off, there has to be a balance. If you care about this girl, don't throw her under the bus. Tell your friends to learn some fucking respect and don't get all bitchy because THEY don't like her when it only matters if YOU do. Defend what you care about. There is no good way to her your friends don't know how to control the emotions like civilized human beings.

    Honestly, why does this seem like the new girl is the issue? What you need to do is tell your friends that while you may respect them having their own opinion, you will not tolerate them disrespecting the girl you care about. Who gives a flying fuck what they think? What do YOU think?


    • Also, if they get bitchy like you mention, trust me I'm sure the girl will know on her own. We genrally have good bullshit radars.

    • Yeah, and to be clear, I intend on inviting her regardless, I just want to figure out if I should warn her about something like saying that my friends get bitchy when I spend money on a girl or whatever...
      I mean I know honestly they have my best interests at heart... But they don't really get her at all.

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  • How many times have they met her? Maybe it was just a bad first impression and they just haven't gotten the chance to really know her. Invite her along this weekend. If your friends are being unreasonable call them out and if you notice they're right call her out.

    • My best friend has met her three tomes, his girlfriend I suppose has met her a little more then that and collaborated with her and junk.
      She does flirt openly on Facebook and stuff but we've only started seeing eavhother and we're not officially anything atm.
      Honestly she is kinda loud... But I really like that she's loud... Because I'm generally quiet lol and being around her makes me more outgoing.

    • Well maybe if you guys are all out doing something that you all enjoy they'll have a better time together. Again if anyone is being unreasonable, pull them aside and call them out on it. It's one thing to not like a person, it's another to be rude and disrespectful.

  • Yes, take her but also tell her that there might be some awkwardness. She deserves to know.

  • wELL THEY don't like her so YOU obviously have to conform and do what they want? Ignore her and let her find a man who stands up for what HE wants and not what his friends pressure him into... bless your heart..

    • Lol I don't think you understand what I'm saying...
      I really like her a lot. And I'm going to invite her regardless... Even though there's a chance I'll piss off my best friends girlfriend who is a very close friend to me too...
      My question is really, should I tell her how my friends feel... Cuz I don't like withholding something from her, but I also dont want to upset her.
      I mean I feel she should know, but I Dontb now how is tell her without making her dislike my friends.

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