Girls, any people like me?

my main hobbies include video games and movies. I have a small like minded group of friends who I hang with, but they're all guys. I have considered joining a Korean martial art and learning Japanese in my college (I'm an incomin freshman), to make more friends and meet more girls. should I? are there girls out there who like video games and movies?

I have specific tastes, like super Mario, Mario Kart, Mario Party, Pokémon, Kirby, Little Big Planet, ratchet and clank, GTA, counter strike, Minecraft, halo, etc. and I watch comedy/superhero/action films (avengers, ted, jump streets, Fast and furious, and enjoy actors like Kevin Hart, or Vin Diesel, and more. are there like minded girls who share interests with me?


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  • i tought i was the only one! i like 2 play video games lol gta is great. Fast and the Furious is amazing. Kevin hart is so funny ! you have great intrests lol :p :)


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  • I love video games, but am not that into action films. I am sure though that there must be like minded gals out there for you.

  • OMG we are almost exactly alike I LOVE video games like call of duty and Minecraft, I take karate (I am a black belt), I love action movies and comedies

    • so, a few questions

      1. do you have a hard time making friends due to Limited hobbies?

      2. what do you really talk about to your friends / boyfriend? I just don't want games/movies to be my primary conversation topic.

      3. will such limited hobbies limit my opportunity to make friends and meet girls? will I primary get along with the Gamers / movie goers?

    • 1. It might be hard to meet girls of your interest.

      2. Well me and my boyfriend we play on Xbox together and we play a game called truthful answer you ask a question they have to answer truthfully you will have things to talk about.

      3. Your "limited hobbies" should not limit you to meeting girls and you will get along great if they like movies and video games but they don't have to like that stuff tell them you are a gamer later on you might get them into video games too

  • We're exactly alike! I also love video games and movies (horror movies😈) I play halo, terraria, minecraft, Pokemon y, Super mario, mortal combat, kirby, etc

  • Of course there are females who likes those things. Do you really think males are the only economic force driving the video game/movie industry?

    Best advice, open your mind to other things besides just what you like & join student organizations & organizations for your major for a more diverse social life.

    • I'm a computer science major, which is male dominated and time consuming

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    • I'm sorry. I guess this happens since I'm a hs grad who has yet to experience the real world


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