Need some advice? I invited the guy I liked to my house last night, he's younger than me and was pretty full on?

im 23 and he's a few years younger (17) as soon as he got in my room he was kissing me straight away ! what the hell :/ i felt like woahh this is going a bit too fast and he wanted fo have sex straight away.. i was hesitant at first and said well i dont know because i like you i dont want to do this then dknt talk to me anymore and he said that he wouldn't dissapear (probablt lying) so i eventually give in.. its the morning after and j havnt heard from himyeg.. im paranoid what he thinks about me , i dudnt enjoy the sex a lot cause i wasn't really in the mood :/ i did like him though but was it blatant he just wanted to have sex and leave me or should i hope for a call or text ohh him?


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  • Good luck getting arrested !


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  • So you're having sex with a juvenile?


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  • WTF were you doing with a 17 year old. Jesus. How can you expect a child to behave like an adult? I hope the age of consent is 18 in your state.

  • No, he just wanted sex , isn't he 17 years old? and you invited to your room and to horny boys that means Netflix and chill and that's all it was.

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