Do you think I can get him back after reading the details below?

We haven't seen eachother for a while and then I saw him at a party with his ex, so I asked him where do we stand the next day over texts. He said that there were problems between us (that's true... we fought a lot over little stupid things) and that that's why he wants to leave ''all of this behind him''. I got angry over that and finished it with a ''have a nice life'' text.
Its really hard for me to exept this. I mean we never said that we were official but we acted like a cuople for 8 months and I have to admit that this is my first love... But I realized it too late.
Also I have to mention that while we texted to ''officialy end things'' I said that I don't care about him at all anymore (obviously out of anger) and he got angry about it. He said that I shouldn't say such things, because he knows that I do care and that he does too. Thats also when he said that he wants to leave it behind him.
So my question here is do you think that I can get him back? I'm going to Tokio for 19 days and when I come back I'll be attending a party where he'll be as well. Do you think that when he sees me there that he'll see that he made a mistake? I know its an optimistic thought...-that when he sees me he'll contact me again and all, its just that I don't dare to contact him after 19 day have past (NC RULE). I just don't want to be pushy. Plus I never chase guys, they usually chase me.


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  • Don't push it so much that he starts hating you. If you want to be together, come out of your comfort zone and admit your feelings to him. Tell him that you said you didn't care about him out of anger and that you are sorry, and want to be with him.
    The best relationships come out when the partners make themselves vulnerable in front of each other.


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  • I think it might be too late. He probably just wants to move on with his life. I wouldn't advise bothering him at the party.


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