If it were the eve of victory?

If all the years of planning, all the hard work, and tears, blood, and sweat were all about to pay off...

... but your SO, who right up until that cusp of glorious achievement, who had no idea that you were even a supervillain, not only found out, but tried to stop you and talk "sense" (as, fucking, *IF*) into you... what would you do?
  • Try very hard to explain to him/her as sweetly as possible that you'll turn his/her insides into his/her outsides if he/she really decides to see this cockamamie meddling through...
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  • Keep him/her talking long enough to draw your disintigrator pistol and disassociate every atom in his/her body ("diplomacy is the art of saying 'good dog' until you can get hold of a bigger rock")
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  • Lock him/her in the dungeon of your subterrainean lair until the dust settles... at which point he/she can get with the program or not... as supreme overlord of mankind, he/she won't be difficult to replace...
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  • Release the hounds...
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  • Try to come to some sort of a compromise...
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  • Reveal to him/her that he/she is really one of *many* clones... all of which so far have been dispatched for this very reason...
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  • Other... ... ... no, really, i'd just shoot him/her
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  • I went with C since it seemed the most realistic. Annnnd that probably makes me a terrible person XD


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  • This would be an excellent opportunity to test my new genetic hybrids...

    • You hybridized the wasps? What hellspawn is this you have wrought?

  • E
    the reason we HAVE SOs and attracted to them is b/c ... the old adage claims
    opposites attract
    & why?
    Because if we were attracted to same types, one would say HEY let's jump out of this plane w/o parachute, it would be like flying and the other one would say A-OK, hell yes!
    That's why we have SOs around & listen to their advice
    if we didn't listen, then THEY are not really a SO... are they... they are just yes gal/guys we use for sex and want them to shut up

    or just sexual object?

    • Yaaaa... if you're just unfreezing copies of people (who believes it's an SO because of flash-learning), then that defjinately makes them a sexual object (s?), and you a horrible person... 😪

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    • Nonono! You got me all wrong! *I'm* a horrible person... looking for kindred spirits!

    • *reads that again* wait, huh?

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