Dating two girls and common decency. When to choose?

So I've been dating online, and even if I'm not a huge fan of dating multiple people at once, I did anyway to increase my chances. It's been very come and go, with long periods of nothing and recently a lot more success.
So here I am, currently dating two girls, and I really like both a lot for different reasons. We never talked about exclusivity or anything with either of them. One did ask once "what are we" really really early, and I just explained that for now we're just dating and we'll see where things go.

I don't know if it's normal to go on more than three dates with two different girls you met online? It feels really weird to pursue different people at the same time, but it's way too soon for me to make a clear decision at the moment, I want to know both of them better before I start to be exclusive with either of them.

Should I just keep going until one of them wants "the talk" or until I know enough to make a decision? Two more dates with each of them should seal the deal for me. I feel really weird because I am pretty sure one of them is not dating other people, and the other one recently stopped going online, whereas before she checked the website pretty much every other day so maybe it's the same for her?

Or am I being a disrespectful jerk and I need to sort things out right now?


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  • Dating is where you are supposed to be seeing different people and seeing who you click with the most. That's normal so don't feel like a jerk or anything like that. You keep going till you are sure who you have feelings for BUT when a girl asks about your status always be 100% honest and if they ask if you are seeing other girls always say yes. Play your cards open.

  • I think as long as they both know nothing might come from the dates it's okay. Anything more that happens would then be a bonus. But you've got to think if you have not made this so clear. I think you'll know deep down what feels right or wrong. Have a think back to see if you feel you've come across hopeful to any sort of relationship with either and may be leading them on to false hopes.


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