Girls, All of my friends are in relationships, was I wrong to speak up?

So I have end up being a third and fifth wheel about 4 times this summer ("accidentally") and I'm sick of it. My friends are planning a trip to Dorney Park and I thought it was just gona be our group of friends but they're asking their boyfriends to come so I said I'm not going. Then I was about to grab lunch with my friend and her boyfriend asked to come but backed out because he knows how I feel.

Was I wrong to speak up? Is it ok for me to keep avoiding being the odd wheel or should I just deal with it?


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  • You were right in speaking up and since they understand it, they are your friends alright :)

    But try and don't become either a recluse or move away from your friends just because you are single and they are not :)


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  • It seems to me here, dear, that you have these 'Group of friends' with Attachments and it also Appears that you are This... Fifth wheel with being Two is Company and Three is a crowd and Not a Crowd Pleaser, just a Teaser in your own ball court.
    Time to end the madness and Begin a new Beguine. You can't fight city hall and all so start looking and lurking for Friends who are in your own shoes with being a Single Rose, only wanting to be her own free bird and not two birds of a feather.
    No one says you have to be Stuck with this Group so back away today and as they are on their roller coaster ride, you go out and about and see where you can find not a wall flower, but just Someone who is looking for what you want and this is no guys who are hooked to her caboose.
    Good luck. xx


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  • It's your life, you can do what you want.


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