I told him I love him and he didn't say it back? He said he can't say it?

So last night I told the guy I've been invloved with for over two years that I love him, and he didn't say it back, he just cuddled me.

I text him this morning saying how stupid I felt that he didn;t say it back and he said he doesn't like that type of thing it scares him, I said fine i won't say it again then and he told me to stop being like that, I said im not being like anything, but if you care about someone like that you say it? you say you love them right? and All he said was not really no, I do feel for you like that but I can't say it, I care about you a lot.

Why can't he physically just say them three words?

Why is he so scared?


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  • Love is unconditional. If you only love him if he loves you, that's not love. You can't force him to love you, you just have to wait for it to happen.

    Of course that doesn't mean you have to stay with him. Loving him doesn't mean you'll always be in a relationship with. If you're not happy with the relationship because he's not making the effort, or holding back his feelings, or whatever, then tell him you want some time alone or whatever it is you want.

    The worst thing you can do though is to try to force him to say he loves you, or try to take back that you said you love him. Loves lets others be free, even free to not love you back if that's their choice. It hurts when someone doesn't love you too, but thats a part of life we all experience at sone point in our lives.


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  • involved with for 2 years meaning a proper relationship? in the open, couple sort of thing?


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  • I would think after two years of knowing each other he should be able to say he love you. Unless he don't feel that way about you. He could be the type of person that love for people to love him.


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