My boyfriend mentions his girlfriend in conversations, how do I tell him I dont like it?

So this a thing that didn't bothered me at first but that now does. When we talk my boyfriend and i he often mentions his girlfriend. he says random things, nothing hurtful but still i dont like it. At first he asked me to tell him if i didn't like that and i said it was ok with me but now I don't know how to tell him im not ok anymore with that. I know he dont mean to hurt me or anything he's a really honest person who likes to talk about everything with me. how do I tell him?
Sorry everyone I just realized that i forgot an important word.. ex. I meant his ex girlfriend and for some reason I forgot to put ex. Anyway he claims this is past and everything but he still mention often. Sorry for confusion once again


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  • "hey boyfriend,

    i want to say i love you very much and am so happy in our relationship. You do all these great things (insert examples), however i wanted to talk to you about something on my mind. I know i've told you in the past that it doesn't bother me about you girlfriend but i can't help but get jealous and uncomfortable when you bring her up. I know she's your platonic friend and i trust entirely but she's still a female and i want your 100% attention and any women who gets even 1% of that affects me.

    I know this seems extreme and i am well aware of it.. but i just wanted to let you know.. maybe you could try to speak of her less when i am around. That'd help alot! thanks i love you, is there any issues or concerns you might have since we're being open right now?"


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  • So you caught feelings for him? Or why do you think you feel this way?


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  • For one, it's his girl friend. You are his girlfriend. For two, the issue is with you, not him. You shouldn't feel this awkward and upset just because he has a female friend. Your insecurities are causing issue.

  • IF it's a threesome relationship... it's acceptable for him to talk about the other girlfriend.

  • Wait... your boyfriend has another girlfriend?

    • Of course he doesn't he has a "girl that's a friend", as girls would call it, lol

    • Ohhh okay lol sorry, I'm not used to men referring to their female friends as girlfriends.
      Honestly, I think the best way to go about that would just be being upfront about it. Keep it simple like, "look, I don't want to stop you from talking about your friend, but maybe you could do it a little less?"
      Something along those lines. At the end of the day, there's no point beating around the bush if it's going to continue to be bothersome.

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