Why is it so easy for women to get sex and a relationships but difficult for men?

To me I feel like am having to jump through hoops and go through obstacal courses to either get both sex or relationship. I also see it with guys constantly trying to win womens hearts and might just about do it after all that hard work or just fail miserable since she chose someone else and having to start all over again on to the next women. Unless you have money, an asshole or have good genetics it will always be difficult. The way I see it is that you either work for it or pay for it and even in relationship you got to work hard to keep her happy like shit test, drama an keeping her entertained and buy her gifts or she will leave etc. Even online dating you send 1000 messages out and only get few replys but with women they recieve 1000 messages instead and dont need to send any out. I mean you could take a women out and spend money on her and then call her next day and not hear from her again like she's just used you or said to you that your not her type. The way I see it if you dont have model looks, money or the tall gene (6 foot) you might as well save yourself the trouble of rejection and just I dont know get professional escort because am lost with it to be quite fair.

All am saying is does anyone understand where am coming from here and could tell us why its like this?


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  • It's easier for a woman to get sex, but it's easier for a man to get a wife.

    Guys win as we get older. Looks fade but u get better with age. Your pain now will turn into knowledge later. Get as much experience with girls as u can. Soon u will start seeing which girls r full of crap n which ones r good for u.

    Everything has a price n it will catch up qith them one day. don't worry about those girls who make u jump through hoops n don't respond n all that.

    One good girl is worth a thousand previous rejections

    • why is it true men age like wine?

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  • Just cause it's easy to get fucked doesn't mean it's easy to find your soul mate and life partner. It gets boring and old real fast and eventually you want to feel love but you can't find it easy at all even if you're female. Maybe if you're like really beautiful or something but believe it or not even women struggle. I know plenty of great women who are single and can't find the right match for them.

    • Your speaking from a women's perspective and explain a women's needs as you can understand them because you are a women. Us men are wired differently and don't place the importance on love and companionship as much as women do because its not a main factor of importance to most men.

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    • @Asker If it has little to do with love and affection then why the hell should we let you fuck us? Go buy a woman if you only want a hole. We do not generally like being used for your gratification.

    • @GirlScoutsRevenge I never said I didn't want it, just don't need it. Sure it would be nice love and companionship but its not important to men. Am happy to give my love for women and cater for their needs but they just throw it back in my face and friend zone me. Like this one time I bought this women flowers years ago when I was 17 and her and her friend mocked and laughed at me. Look scout am not interested in what you got to say

  • For sex it's easy, in most mammals the female carries a far higher burden in having children. In fact the male could be gone long before she even knows she's pregnant, so naturally females are more picky in whom they have sex with.
    What you're complaining about is that men have to prove they're worthy first and actually that's how most mammals mate. So it may sound rough and unfair but I don't see that changing anytime soon. Just be glad you're not a lion or stag or something

    For relationship it's a bit different since both are held accountable and invest resources into it. And I disagree that women have it easier there, I think it's men that have it easier, or at least it's equal

    • Am not complaining, I'm only questioning my curiosity on this subject. An why should I be glad am not a lion or a stag?

  • "you got to work hard to keep her happy like shit test, drama an keeping her entertained and buy her gifts or she will leave etc."

    You know the problem? You're chasing girls who are materialistic, of course you are going to be dumped when the next best thing comes along. The issue I see with men such as yourself is that you refuse to adjust your standards. You don't have good looks, you aren't rich yet you choose to pursue women who are interested in these things and then get all sore when you are rejected or it ends. You want a drop dead gorgeous model of a girlfriend and you refuse to adjust your criteria to include normal girls who are just like you, trying to find a nice, normal person to love... but you're too busy looking at the nice tits and falling for the flirting to get free drinks. You sir, are a fool.

    • Exactly.

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    • @Opinion Owner

    • Lol broski.

  • Everybody has an asshole. I think you need to review your biology notes, my love.

    • lol why am I an asshole?

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    • spelling error because I rushed it I meant behaving

    • That's not a spelling error - that's syntax and grammar. Are you not a native English speaker?

  • Lol I don't know who your talking to but getting a relationship is hard as shit for me.

    • Its easy for women all they have to do is look after themselves and say hello to a guy... problem solved

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    • I'm not overweight and I love clothes so I dress nice most days

    • lol That is very strange

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  • The grass is always going to be greener... however in the "dating" department, women get to be the choosers and guys are the aggressor. This has pretty much always been the case pretty much across all species. Lets examine some for fun:

    - Blue whale courtship: The female whale will go to the surface where she hits the water with her fins. This signals "hey boys, i might want to mate!" The male whales 4-7 of them will come from miles away to find this ready female. Once they show up... she takes off! Which the male whales sprint after her all the while blowing bubbles, bumping and trying to be the fastest one to follow.. This can go on for 1-3 days of swimming and finally she will stop.. chooses the one she sees more fit and mates. The other then become calm... and hang out in limbo.

    Yes, there's a lot of hoops guys need to jump through in one aspect however women have their own set of social rules and gender expectations they must deal with as well. They have a "beauty standard" they have to deal with, hormonal body changes and most important.. getting hit on when it's not wanted.
    - The one time i ever felt what it's like to meet a creep like a women was at a pool party where these two gay guys hit on me. This rarely happens however they were very aggressive and then bought me a drink. The experience overall was uncomfortable as they were very forward... now this happens to me 1/29 years.. for a women.. it's a daily choir.

    The most positive thing about being a guy? If you're a 5-6.. you pretty much have a shot at any women given your level of confidence and ability to relate to them. This doesn't always bode the same for women.

  • Because women are the (physically) weaker sex. They have to be much more selective than we do, because they have so much more to lose by pairing up with an abusive, or evil/uncaring man.

    So yes, we must jump through hoops, we must woo our girls.

    Also, sex should not be the end goal, her heart should be.

  • girls have an easier time getting sex
    guys have an easier time getting commitment

    I see it like this, girls have an easier time find 5 guys who want to fuck her no strings attached than she does finding one guy who wants a genuine comittment with her.

    For guys it's the reverse

  • I skimmed through your little novel, so my answer is mainly based on just the question

    As for the sex, it's simple, guys want pussy, girls don't want dick. They like it, but they don't think about it or want it as an individual thing like guys do with pussy.

    We obviously care about the chick its attached to, but we often think about it as a separate entity.

    You can't blame girls for being able to get sex so easily, it's our fault for giving pussy so much value.

    As for the relationships, I agree that a girl could easily get a boyfriend. But that doesn't mean she or the boyfriend will be happy.

    Most girls are just selling pussy. They depend on it to allure guys, and as a result, they lack skills on how to keep a guy and keep him happy. They lack the ability to get guys as well, outside of using their body, most don't have those skills.

    Not because they aren't able to, they just never needed to learn "game" like guys do.

    • Am not blaming, just wanted to state a few facts

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    • Yeah I feel you

      But fuck what people say. I'll go to an escort in a heartbeat, not even because I can't get girls, but just the convenience of it.
      A lot shit happens in life that's out of your control, and it will make you miserable

      So if there's anything that you can be in control of, that has to do with your happiness, then I say do it.

    • Same here some women I can get and even been with few nice looking ones its just I don't want to go through ball ache of chasing and playing women's childish games and can't be bothered with it. Sooner men realize this the sooner dating and relationships will become easier for us men because women get anymore attention as much

  • Because men are visual, women are emotional.


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