Reality set in that's he's 50?

We were play fighting for 2 minutes and he got tired as heck. He's always tired and I don't know what to do. Is this normal for a man whose 50?


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  • Seems normal to me

    It may not be physical exhaustion though

    Just exhausted of play fighting. Like when you are playing with a kid and you really don't wan to, it gets exhausting pretending to be interested

    • He wanted to because I tried to stop because I thought I was about to hurt him. It was more like 5 min

    • No way to tell whether or not he really wanted to

      Guys often pretend to enjoy things for the sake of their girls happiness

    • Oh ok, just wished I knew

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  • Well yeah... he's not exactly a spring chicken any more.

    Also, if he's not exercising and eating right... it's possible he will get tired.

    This even happens with my 37 year old partner sometimes.
    I can play fight for a long period of time with energy.

    Every one is different I guess.

    • Yes, exactly I feel bad when he ask me I tired.

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  • No, it is not normal. He could have an undiagnosed heart or lung condition.

  • Tiring after "fighting" a girl for 2 minutes? Not normal. He needs to have a cardiac stress test.

    • What about 5

    • Whenever I hear of a 50 year old guy who fatigues quickly I think of the possibility of underlying heart disease. Sure he could be in overall bad physical condition but a cardiologist needs to make that call.

  • Normal for a man who's 50 and in bad shape!

    • Hrs on pretty good shape. Hrs small

    • He could just have shit cardiovascular fitness, you don't have to be fat to be out of shape.

    • Ya, that's true

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