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My girlfriend graduated last year and keeps contact with her old mates on instagram. There's a guy that went to hs with her. I noticed my girlfriend has liked a lot of his status such as "i want a girl who won't play games" and videos, pics. Well last night it was his b-day and he got a car.

If liking all his stuff wasn't alarming enough this conversation really did it

Her: Happy bday big dude and i like your car congrats!

Dude: Yeah i'm about to get an exhaust for it next week

Her: * in love emoji face =) * when it's ready we should take both of our cars for a spin or we can go in yours

Dude: Yes no doubt i will hit you up soon

Am i going crazy or did my girlfriend throw herself at him? they did go to hs together so maybe they have history but they're deff not bestfriends. They had never hanged out/talk via phone it's just online this happens. If you ask me as much as i hate to admit it she deff is into him. It's as if dude doesn't see it and she's slowly hinting she's interested in my opinion.


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  • Did you post this yesterday or am I just tripping out? Anyway, it could be that he wants to hit her up, and he's interested, your girlfriend on the other hand may be being nice, or she's slightly interested in him, but won't do anything because she's with you. I agree with what you're feeling


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  • Man up and talk to her... tell her how you feel... it's probably innocent though


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  • I'd dump her ass

  • Totally about to cheat. Sorry, man.


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