Does my Bestfriend have a crush on me and do I like her back?

Hey so I was just wondering does my bestfriend have a crush on me and do I like her back. I am a 15 year old girl and my best friend is also a 15 year old girl. She came out to me as bi sexual but she is more intrested in girls about 5 months ago. She asked me if i was and I said no. I said this because I was to nervous and also was unsure of my sexuality. My friend is always with me and whe we mess she always touches my butt and sometimes my breasts. I just ignore this because I think she's just being herself but it seems to be getting worse. She calls me her wifey and she gets really upset when I say im not. She also calls me her girlfriend sometimes when we go into town. When we havesleep overs she watches me getting changed and when I go to the bathroom she opens the door. When we go to sleep she lyes on top of me. Im not sure if i like her back though. I can see us dating one another but id be too afraid to say it to her. If i still feel the same way in the future I might. Thank you for reading my post please comment ! :)


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  • This is really complicated because you guys are bestfriends, I get where you are comming from. The first thing I would do is find your sexuality it might take a while but you owe it to your friend and yourself to know that first. If you identify as bi or gay then you should teel her, and see what happens then. But if you end up straight you have to tell her that she can't touch you like that and your quite uncofortable.

    • Thank you for the advice ! :) If I am still feeling this way in the future I will tell her and when I do find out my sexuality I will also tell her :)

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  • I think its your choice whether you date men or women. For most people, our default is to be attracted to the opposite sex. If I had to guess, I'd day thats your default, however, your best friend sounds like she is influencing you and slowly pushing you into being gay.

    To be honest, she sounds a little selfish. I think she is pushing herself on you and trying to define your sexuality so that she can have a partner instead of letting you decide what you want.

    If you keep allowing her to do these things to you, you will start growing accustomed to romantic interractions with females. If you pull away from her, you'll probably develop feelings for men as you get older, so its really up to you.

    Its politically incorrect to talk about it, but people who are sexually molested by someone of their gender at a you g age are statistically more likely to become gay. Honestly, even though this girl may be the same age as you, you're both way to young to he having sexual relations like this.

    You're only 15, and your best friend sounds like she already has had exposure to some sort of sexual experience, which it seems like she is carrying into what should be an innocent friendship with a 15 year old girl.

    Truth be told, I think you need to stop what you are doing right now, and talk to one of your parents, or else some other adult you trust, like a teacher or counselor of some type. You're getting in over your head, and you're too young to be pressured into this sort of intimacy if you ask me.

  • basically do you want to go out with her... obv she has a crush

  • Try having sex with her

    • Im only 15 😂😂 but i appriciatte the advice !!

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  • She likes you. How do YOU feel? Do you prefer her (not all girls, just her) as a friend or as something 'more'? Good luck!

    • I think i do like her but im not quite sure, I see other girls too like ruby rose but she's famous but I also see some but only a few girls that I like too but I dont know them I just see them. Thanks for the advice :)

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