How do you take things to the next level?

How do you take a friendship or just someone you know and make that step into a relationship?
I usually am able to talk to someone for a while and then they fade away. Nothing ever stays.
I try my best to keep things going by being upbeat and everything. I just eventually run out of things to talk about.

I've tried making that move to do Skype or something but no girl ever wants to. I think it may be because they feel unsafe on Skype. Even as friends they don't want to.

I see people get in relationships all the time online, but I don't understand how they do that though. How do you take it from being "hey what's up, how was your day?" To "let's be in a relationship"?

-.- no one knows XD


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  • This is with someone you know only online, or in real life?

    • Either or

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    • Isn't that wrong to do in person though? Just touching her and hugging. Isn't that sexual harassment , especially if you're friends?

    • If I'm friends with a guy and he sort of pokes my shoulder to emphasize a point in discussion, or just jokingly, it's fine. Hugging is cool for closer friends when saying bye or something too. There's no form of sexual harassment in that, not to me at least unless you grope her boobs/ass which is not cool.

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