Dating this guy for 5 weeks and last night when he was drunk he said... I dont know if my family would approve of you?

He said he doesn't know if they would approve of me... I dont know why they wouldn't but whatever.. so I asked is it important if they approve and he said no and then this morning i asked him about it and he said, "I said that?" and i said ya... and he said i was probably mainly talking about my mom... she is very conservative. I was like ok whatever and dropped it. We get along abasolutely great and are even planning a weekend getaway soon...

Is his drunken comment a bad sign? Is this him trying to say he is hesitant to introduce me to his family or maybe he is showing he is not taking the relationship that serious because he knows he won't get his families approval of me? Help!
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  • Well, he's worried, and why would someone be worried about anything unless they really care about it.

    • so what should i do? he said last night "i like you too much"... I dont know! but i am very outgoing and silly and i think his mom is quiet and conservative... perhaps he worried about a possible clashing in two extreme personalities?

    • in my case, when i was about trying to introduce my girlfriend to my mom, i started to over think stuff, because i really like the girl and the thought of my mom not accepting my girlfriend might create a problem between us and that really got me nerves at the time, so your boyfriend might be in a similar situation

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  • I think you should discuss the subject more while both of you are sober.


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  • Don't worry about it but obviously it's important to him or he wouldn't have said anything. Just wait and see what happens.


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  • You've only been dating for five weeks. It's when you start wondering this and that. Don't we all wonder what our family would think about our partner (and vice versa) when one day we introduce them?
    More than a red flag it's probably a good thing and normal. Don't worry about it.


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