I didn´t reply to her for a week and she hasn´t replied for almost two months. Do I have a chance?

I met a girl on a dance floor at a nightclub. She bumped into me, and minutes later we kissed like we were crazy. People around us told us to stop becuase some seemed to be jealous and suddenly a guy tells us that the place are closing.

We got out on the street. Took a short walk. She told me that she really wanted to see me again. We set up a date some days later. We took a walk and things went quite smooth. We sat down at a park bench and started kissing each other again. In the end of the date she told me she wanted to come to my place some day.

The day after (Thursday) she texts me in the morning (about 07.00) that she fell asleep with a smile on her face.

I replied her in the evening (21.45) if she had any plans for the upcoming Friday or Saturday. 25 minutes later she replied that she had no plans for the Saturday.

Seven days later (Thursday) I asked if she wanted to meet on Saturday or another regular day the upcoming week.

I have not heard from her for almost two months...

Now, here is the backstory why I messed it up:

During the week I had to do a two-day-test at a school for an education. I was extremely pressured for this test and I had to take two days of from work and try to switch from night time to day time very fast. I didn´t tell her about this test. This test took so much energy and I tried to think about a day to see her at the same time but it was hard. I had 100% focus at the test. During this week I started to think about if Saturday would be a good day to date since some people think it´s a "holy" day for friends and family, not dating.

When the test was over I was able to think clearly and I texted her "Do you want to meet on Saturday or another day next week?"

My plan is to call her and show my interest. I want to do that to show her I like her. If she does not answer, I will wait a week and then text her
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Today I texted her I was sorry for the delayed answer and that I really wanted to see her again.

She responded, fast. A long message. She appreciated my sms very much and she realized that she maybe should have responded to me earlier. She told me she was really happy to get to know me and that she felt extreme attraction to me, but after the date she had been thinking and had came to the conclusion that we maybe are too different.
I replied to that and texted her that I was thankful for her answer, her kind words and that I also felt extreme attraction to her.

Well... We met in the beginning of June and I have been waiting for her response since then. Today I got the answer, and it hurts of course, but it´s some kind of reliever that I need to move faster next time and focus on myself in the future!

This sucks at the moment. Haha!


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  • You know what you want, you will contact her, that's good. I like that.

    Look, she is/was interested in you, I higly doubt that disappeared suddenly but we girls tend to -overthink- sometimes, if you contact her will be a big surprise for her after two months.


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  • I would say message her.
    There was someone I was really close to but she wasn't very good to me towards the end.
    Even though she was like that I still miss her.
    But she ignored me the final time I messaged her so obviously she's doesn't want to know me.
    I'd say go for it if you feel she might respond :)

    • Thank you! I texted her today and she responded :) She thought we were too different. (See my update above) :)

    • And by the way, I hope you´ll find someone who respects you if you already don´t have one.

    • Yes I have a girlfriend now :)

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