Should I text him first?

I met this guy last week and he asked me out so I said yes. We planned on getting dinner a couple days later on my day off. He has my number but I never heard from him the day we were supposed to go. Is he interested or not? Should I text him or just leave it be and if he wants to talk to me he can?


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  • He's got your number. If he didn't call to reschedule or offer an excuse, that's rude. . . unless he was in the hospital with two broken arms or was kidnapped by aliens. Let him go.


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  • I wouldn't text him. I wouldn't even think about him. You can date other people, don't overthink.


    • Thanks. I'm totally over thinking about him and what I could have done wrong but I'm on to the next and it feels great.

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  • I'm not sure why girls often feel that guys are meant to/supposed to text first but texting first (even in a relationship) shows you care and are thinking about him, you enjoyed his company and now you miss him if that makes sense?
    You don't have to always send a message first but it should be a 50/50 thing but its always more of a 90/10 thing with guys having to send all the messages and the thing is, most guys (all guys) will never tell their partner to text them first because who says that?

    Basically send him a message first, just say hi or something like that, he'll get the same feeling reading that, that you would if he texted you first!!

  • Honestly I'd prefer the girl to text me to show that she really does care about me enough to meet up


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