Guy I really like is very busy so our conversations during the week are brief but when we hang out he is very nice. How to mention how I feel?

Means this guy have known each other since 13. We began talking and have gone on 2 "dates" so far over 3 weeks. He works a lot during the week and seems to have some minor depression problems. Our first date I met his friends who were nice and the second one he invited me on a weekend family trip and we had fun. We did end up having sex. It bothers me that he doesn't talk to me much during the week or initiates much but I was in a serious 2 year relationship and I know after work at 10-11 he likes to go home and play his games. I understand. At the same time eventually I want to feel more important but maybe it's too soon. He responds to texts but I don't want to always initiate. He seems to like me otherwise I wouldn't have met his family and gone on a trip 6 hours away with them for an entire weekend. His grandma told me he doesn't bring girls around and he's very particular about the girls he dates. When we're together he's very nice, a gentlemen. He seems slightly depressed too, the way he talks about life when he's serious saying there's no point to things because we're all going to die anyways but he denies he's sad. But a lot of times he appears very happy and full of positive energy. Not sure how to approach it. He also doesn't get a lot of sleep or time to relax, he enjoys drinking. I care about him as a person and don't want him to feel that way but I haven't brought it up much. Maybe we just need to keep dating and see what happens? I want to talk more when we're not together and get to know each other. How can I go about this? Get him to text me more? Open up more also. I hate being invasive but I want things to progress and maybe because my last relationship was very serious im just thinking too much. Advice would be appreciated.


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  • you just have to give it time.


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