Guys, Has he lost interest?

I started to talk to this guy almost two months ago now. We've hung out a few times and he's said that he really enjoys hanging out. We've had the talk of where things were going twice, recently and when we first started talking. Each time we've agreed that we would like to keep seeing each other and see what happens. However lately he hasn't been talking much at all. He's apologized for being distant saying he's had a lot on his mind and has been really busy with work this summer. We made plans to go see a movie together tomorrow and he seemed really excited about it. He told me to pick a day and he would make time to go with me and said he was looking forward to it. Now when I tried to talk to him about a movie time he still hasn't responded to me and he was off work today. Is he just too nice to tell me he's lost interest? Some days we barely talk and other days we talk more. Some days he's very sweet and others he seems like he doesn't want to talk at all.
He texted me this morning, saying he was excited to do something tonight but now he has to help his dad and he'll be busy until late tonight. But it appears he's been home all day, so at this point I feel he just blew me off again.


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  • Maybe he not as needy as you, meaning he does not feel it is important to talk all the time. This is sometimes the sign the guy is mature and focused on his career, other times, it is a cowards way of moving on. Time will tell.

  • Mabey he is just going through a hard tme. in his life right now Just be their for him when he needs you.


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