What's up with this over exaggeration that attractive women are dating ugly guys? When people make these claims, don't they ever realize that?

Maybe that guy isn't ugly to them? key words TO THEM? Okay let's say the people making these claims are right. Don't certain factors ever dawn on them like Maybe the guy has money or has access to money (might have rich parents a trust fund he doesn't have access to until a certain age, You don't think that the rapper rick ross or Hugh Hef get the women they get because of hypnotizing charm and having a charsmatic personality eh?) Trust me most women aren''t going to be with a guy who doesn't have a single ounce of physical attractiveness to them and vice versa unless they are desperate or don't care about looks and that's super rare that someone might not care about looks.


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  • i know right?

    • Yes. This exaggeration is rampant these days.

What Guys Said 1

  • Julia Roberts did marry Lyle Lovett!

    • But how do you know that she didn't find Lyle attractive?

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