People seem to think I should be more sucessful with women... what does it mean that I'm not?

People seem to think I should be more sucessful with women. They say I could model, I'm tall. I'm educated and while I'm not rich or anything mist people seem to think I get girls easily. Truth is I almolst never get girls. I don't because I don't try anymore. For years getting girls was a big deal for me and I put a ton of effort in. It just flustered me amd stressed me out and gave me anxiety. I stopped trying to get laid and found myself able to talk to girls, less embarrassed about my failure to get ladies, found myself able to focus on other things and generally have more fun. I even managed to get laid by 2 different girls.

Except those were the only two girls I had sex with that year and it's been over a year since I've gotten laid post graduation. The relax method that seemed to solve my problems in college isn't working anymore. How do I get girls without getting all in my head and obsessive about it since apparently it should be a snap for me. Honestly though I'd rather just never get laid again than go back to how I used to be but I have to believe there's a happy medium and in fact though it's hard to achieve theoretically there's a way where I could bang a dozen girls a year as well (though that's definitely not the goal) I just have friends who seem to be really able to get a lot of girls. Some are creeps, some are all around good guys, one is somewaht ugly with a ton of charisma and a taste for alt girls. Point is there seems to be a lot of ways to do it and others seem to think it should be simple for me. What's an I doing wrong?


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  • bad luck maybe.


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