What do I want? I'm so confused?

Ok this may get long and confusing so please bear with me.

I have been in 2 kinda relationship. .

First was a friend of friend. He asked me out. Like quads like I do. He was nice. It all seemed okay until he would hold my hand and kiss my hand. I felt very uncomfortable. I met him twice and he suddenly was all holding hands and I hated every minute. So I had my friend break up for me lol. Mean I know.
Second was online. We planned on meeting. He was really nice had things in common but he was bothering my friends and being creepy and stalker

I'm 23 female by the way
I'm also heavyset.
Still a virgin.

I really want to find someone who ifls a farmer as I own farm aninals. If they don't like my animals or he pets I emmediatly say bye.
If they don't watch a lot of tv I also lose interest.

I really want to find someone who likes everything i like. I am on dating sights and people are nice but once they start talking about sex or dtf I emmediatly feel repulsed.

I also 100000% love lgbtq comunity. If undated a girl it wouldn't bother me.

I don't know what i want. Guys are very attractive. I haven't felt overly attracted to girls yet tho.

I'm so lost. All my frinds are with someone and I don't know what to do.


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  • Try growing the perfect male in your farmland, because a guy with every quality you want does not exist in real life.


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  • try meeting people in person more , online doesn't seem to be a good thing for u

  • You want the perfect dude in your head.


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