Girls, prepare yourself really depressing question?

How many of you think i will find a girlfriend before 25
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  • Not with low self asteem. You should focus on what'so good and attractive about you and if you really do have a problem with something physical or mental you can work towards changing and improving it and take pride in that work. You might also want to consider what has realisticly been holding you back and work from there, though don't forget to have fun being single!

    • Yeah its fun as hell being single but i see these couples holding hands, hugging, kissing and think damn wish i had that

    • Well both have pros and cons. But it's best to make the most of whichever you're in and do what works for you. Besides wouldn't it matter even more the type of person you were having all those with compared to just having it

  • Depends if you want one or not. If you try and get more confidence I'm sure you could find one really soon.

  • She will not come and knock on your door if that is what your waiting for.

    • Yeah kinda what i was hoping for too shy to make a move might look but won't say anything

  • You can never tell, I'm 26 and never had a boyfriend.

  • No idea. All depends on you.


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