Is an intense demeanor a turn off to a college girl?

I'm coming back from the military and I have a intense demanor as told by my dad and he said it makes people nervous. Ever since he mentioned that to me I sort of noticed people to shy away. I try to calm it down by smiling as much as I can. I just always have my head on a swivel it seems like. I have a pretty instense stare I've been told too.


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What Girls Said 1

  • If people are telling you that you have an intense demeanor that makes others nervous, no it is not a turn on. Are you a tense person in general? maybe you need to start partying and loosen up?

    • I don't really party. I did it in my teens that's it.

What Guys Said 1

  • I kind of have an intense demeanor also (deep authoritative voice, not afraid to call people out, not afraid of confrontation, don't smile too much, etc.) but I kind of need to have one for my work. It is a turn off to most women because they will think you are always mad, or are violent, which is not the case but it's what they perceive. Eventually you might find a girl who won't assume and actually get to know the real you. Best wishes.


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