Girls, would you date me?

Girls, would you date me?

Girls, would you date me?

1. very hardworking (but have low grades due to being depressed)

2. hs grad and will attend university in fall.

3. can eat anything but beef/steak (am Hindu, but parents make me. I'd rather be non religous)

4. Am Indian.

5. Weigh 160 lbs and am 5foot 8 inches

6. Enjoys movies and video games as main hobbies.

7. Am shy, but around friends/social people, I never shut up.

8. Have only 1 group of friends (all guys), but that's cuz i never found a girl in hs who wasn't taken or too knit with her clique (s).

9. NO smoking

10. Not a party animal, but may go to a few, just to make /hang with friends.

11. am a virgin (18 years old).

12. not a player (do flirt a bit, but don't believe in waiting til marriage)

13. would prefer a non gold digger girl who earns her own money and not mooch off me.

14. computer science student

15. always say hi, hold doors open, am willing to help (drive you to a place), and smile when I see you.

16. may playfully tease or pat you on the back.

17. I have been bullied in middle school and the beginning of hs.

18. I work out at the gym.

19. go on sites about Windows 10 and Linux and ps4/wii u and even iphones/android

20. if you feel cold or walk in the rain, I'll let you walk under my umbrella.

21. if parents can't drop you home, I'll help you out.

22. comfort you if crying and help you on schoolwork (providing I'm not too busy).

23. take peer pressure VERY easily from peers and American society / media.

24. am VERY fascinated by luxuries like Apple Watch and Lamborghini.

25. am not a drinker, but may lightly drink in social situations once I hit 21.


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  • It's hard to say. Objectively based on your list I guess there are a few hold ups-taking peer pressure easily to me implies a level of fakeness. My standard of what it means to be confident is different from most women, I believe, but my man has to be able to be himself and stay true to himself.

    And your Hindu/non religious preference. I do prefer guys who believe in God.

    And your age-I'm not really wanting to date someone 8 years younger than me, but if we pretend that we were about the same age then only the above 2 apply.

    I've never dated a guy who met all my standards though so it would really just depend on how things went and felt when we are around each other. You can't truly have a feel for chemistry over a screen.

    • the peer pressure applies more towards competition (for good grades or getting a girl before someone else does). or if a movie comes out and all my friends and classmates go see it, I'd go see it too

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    • what about my other qualities?

    • Everything listed looks good.

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  • No, I wouldn't ;o

  • You seem like a really sweet guy and if you were close to my age I would date you sweetheartšŸ˜€


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