Girls, Would you be upset with the guy you started seeing mentioned to you that people in the group don't like you?

Like its to the point they don't want me so much as spending money on her and are likely to make snark comments...
like I know the answer is you'd be upset... But would you be upset with him?
We're going some place this weekend I know she'd love but can't afford. And I mean obviously I'll tell them to stop, but like should I tell her in advance, so she'd be prepared? How can I?

technically I asked about this already, but This questions a bit different, since I wanted to clarify things and ask a more specific question, lol since the one person who answered misinterpreted and called me a dumbass in Texan lol


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  • I'd be upset, but not with him.

    If he wanted me to go with him, I might say yes and tolerate/ignore those comments and do what I can so they can at least see I'm not such a bad person.
    or I might say no and forever be distant with his friends who don't like me.

    I don't see why your friends feel the need to make snark comments though. I mean if they already told you why they don't like her and you still decided to go with her, they should at least leave it at that and respect that you're old enough to make your own decisions.

    • Honestly my best friend's girlfriend is the main issue, she's sort of... I guess motherly is the best word for it...
      She's convinced that this girl's going to hurt me in the long run, but honesrly it's because she doesn't know her like I do and has only really seen the front that she puts up, which is honestly very openly flirty

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    • Yeah. I think Ill probably call up her up today (her being my best friends GF) and talk it over with her... Hopefully she understands...

    • Best of Luck!

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  • I would be upset that the group didn't like me, but i would appreciate his honesty. I would rather be told I wasn't liked than him be fake and let me smilen in these peoples faces not knowing they secretly hated me. I wouldn't be upset with him. I wouldn't want to be around the group after that

  • I've been thinking about this all morning. If you told me that your group of friends did not like me then I would never feel comfortable going. I think your best bet is to square things up with your friend (s). Make it clear ahead of time what you expect from them because dating her is your choice and she makes you happy.

  • I feel like you can mention it, just not on a romantic weekend away. That will kill the whole mood of the weekend.

    I think she has the right to know, especially if it's over things that she can change. Timing is everything with this one.

  • These are your friends? Some dumbass friends!

    • Yeah they're my friends... I mean I get where they're coming from... Really only my best friends girlfriend has the issue with her, and I know it's really just her looking out for me...
      It's dumb... And I know the two of them don't want me spending money on her... But she's really not the kinda girl they think she is.
      They're judging her just because she's flirty.

    • It sounds like she is jealous and you need to take her opinion with a grain of salt! Too many people today, place too much importance on the opinions of their friends. No one really knows what goes on in a relationship, except the people in the relationship. So friends shouldn't judge!

  • There's no point taking her along. It was be so awkward and the tension would be so thick you can slice it with a knife. Dont put her in the position

    • Yeah, I get you, at the same time they're my best friends, and I figure they'll have to interact with her at some point.
      I really like her and hopefully they can see what it is I like in her... And that what they think about her isn't true.
      Also, I know for a fact she would adore the place we're going, so I'd probably feel bad all day if I didn't invite her...

    • yea.. you do have the choice not to go. except going on a trip all hang out at dave and busters where the environment is fun already. But i can support your comment you do have a valid point. And she's a lucky guy to have you. I hope for the best on your trip. YOu should fill us in on how it went :)

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