What should I do about this guy?

Guys on tinder just vanish... why? Like, I met this guy on tinder who was really sweet, saying good morning and asking me how my day was every day we talked. Had good convo, lot in common, good laughs. He wrote that he was recently single after a really long relationship and he just wanted to meet new people, go on dates and have fun but no hookups. I was more for the casual fun but hey fair enough... anyway we met a few nights ago at my place (he insisted that he wanted to make sure i was ok with him coming over and not make me feel uncomfortable). We had great conversation when he came over we laughed, I thought maybe we would sleep together (which I was fine with) but as much as he seemed attracted he didn't make any sexual moves. He kissed me when he left twice and told me he was glad we met and that I could see he wasn't a creeper so we could hang out again. And now, no news... any idea why he would have vanished?


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  • I know that I get so busy I can't go online, or really text at all, just because of how a days schedule lays out sometimes. That could be it, just super busy. I mean based on what you described he seemed interested, so I say just give it some more time, maybe he'll reappear! haha.

    • So him disappearing from tinder and no news is normal? Like I said he was chatty, we laughed, shared personal experiences and great convo. He could have left at the end without kissing me but he did twice. He was the one reaching his hand out to me (not in a sexual way). It's kinda confusing...

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    • So I found out that he actually blocked my number on his phone. This is so weird after such a good time and I sent one text saying how was your flight... hmmm weirdos everywhere lol thanks for the advice, moving on !

    • Oh man, well I'm glad you tried and you found out! Better than worrying about it... sorry he wasn't a prince though haha.

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