Is it possible to fix what I've done without literally telling him how I feel?

So I stopped talking to the guy I was with (long story - doesn't matter.) I wanted/needed to move on and everyone agreed, so I unfollowed him off Instagram (he still follows me,) de-friended him off Snapchat, and haven't texted him for a causual conversation or to say hi or that I miss him. My question is: in the beginning I ignored him and everything, so now that I've changed my mind and want him to try to work things out how do I go about that? Because I'm afraid he thinks I want nothing to do with him -- which is my fault, because that's how I felt in the beginning.

That seems like a really stupid question but here's the trouble: I've been moving on (seeing other people etc.) so I don't want to stop my life for him when he might not want to try things out again, so how do I let him know that I want him to talk to me and that I won't ignore him without literally telling him?

I make hints on my instagram pictures with captions with lyrics from songs about wanting someone back, etc. whatever.. Is there even a way possible that he'll get that I want him back? I don't want to add him back on instagram yet because his account is private and he'll have to accept it and I don't want to have to go through the whole rejection process of deleting him again, if you get what I mean.

I know this is a weird and frankly, stupid, situation but please give me any (actual) advice! Thanks!


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  • Well, In my opinion just text him saying "Hi". You know, start a casual conversation over again. Just kind of rekindle things. Casual conversations can often lead to deep conversations, and more understanding of that person. My advice, just try starting a new conversation with him. Who knows, maybe it'll work out.

    • I just don't want to be the one to start it because I've been doing so well with not falling back into things and trying to move on, so I don't want it to be my fault if it doesn't work out because I texted first. I know it sounds retarded. But thats literally the only way it'll happen is if I text first I guess. I can't expect him to just know things or read my mind. Thanks for the feedback!

    • From a guy's standpoint, when the girl takes the first move in any relationship, it really gets me interested. It's like bonus points haha. He also may not be much the type who goes about telling everyone how he feels, so it really leaves it up to you, even though he may want it to happen. I say try it and find out! :D haha

    • I didn't know that! And yeah he's a veryyyyy private person with his feelings and business. So I guess that plays a role in it.

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  • You could always just send him a random message asking about his well being. Be casual about it. I wouldn't advise to jump straight into telling him all about your feelings especially when you've been seeing other people. Anyways, if he replies or whatever be friendly and slowly build up the conversation to the point where you feel comfortable enough to tell him how you feel. Be wary that what he might say may not be what you want to hear you have to be ready to accept that and if that's the case then okay move it right along. You guys can always be friends or at least civil with each other. Good luck x

    • Thank you! That's probably what I'll have to do.

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    • I didn't really think about that!!! Thank you. I'm sure that's what it is, probably, which is why I'd actually really want to give it a try if he made the effort to let me know, which he hasn't. In the beginning when I was ignoring him and trying to take him out completely he did text me (about something extremely stupid and irrelevant) and I ignored it, and he likes my pictures. The only time since then that I initiated it was when I had to ask him a question about him having things of mine... and he was polite and everything and I left the conversation at a good point so that way I wouldn't get sucked in to wanting him back (that totally worked out lol.) It just sucks that we don't have the power to read minds.

    • If it's in your heart, totally go for it just keep that guard up

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