Move out or stay?

Im 23 year old girl and live with my mom while going to school. I found place in adifferent city where i dont know a single soul, i like the place but im struggeling with money, i might not have enough. The place doesn't have a washer to was your clothes tho... but i can't LIVE AT HOME ANYMORE! im severly depressed over there, everything remind me of the past to the point of me not wanting to go outside anymore


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  • I'm 22 and have the same dilemma.

    Happiness is dependent on your state of mind, not your circumstances. You can be happy anywhere, but would you truly be happier somewhere else? I've found that I can't run away from problems, because they'll follow you everywhere.

    I'm joining the Army. Make a plan that doesn't get you stranded far from home without any cash or friends at hand.


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  • I would say wait it out if you can especially if you don't have a steady income and will be moving to an unfamiliar place. Trust me, I'm only 19 and I decided to move out and venture on my own. I've been gone for 6 months now and believe me it's not easy. I was unemployed for about 4 months and literally had nothing, I'm still struggling. When you're with your parents you always have support and a helping hand when you're about to lose your mind but it's totally different when you're on your own. If things are really that bad at home I'd suggest finding a relative or a friend who will let you crash at their place until you get yourself on your feet but until then stay with your mom it'll save you tons of headaches. Good luck x

    • is it really that hard? but what if my circumstances really make me unhappy, i tried everything from hobbies to making new friends, EVERYTHING reminds me of my past

    • i have a part time job in a different city that i can keep

    • If it's honestly unbearable get a job or find some extracurricular activity, that way you don't have to be stuck at home all the time and if you get a job you can save up to get your own place

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  • i don't think its gonna be healthy to live at your place i think you should find a part time job and move out


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